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Alternative Healing Services

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Core Services

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Collection of healing crystals on a gray cushion

Crystal Energy Healing

Smudge kit with white sage stick, abalone sea shell. Natural elements for cleansing negative energy

Shamanic Energy Healing

What to Expect

You will be warmly greeted and we will sit down for an initial discussion.

I will ask questions about what brings you to see me? What is your goal for the session? Do you have any sensitivities to smells, sounds, incense, etc…

If I already know which type of session you want, I will explain what I do, what you may or may not experience and answer any questions. If you have not decided which session you want, we will take the time to discuss options and make the choice together.

It is your body, your health, your time, and you are in control.

I endeavor to make the environment a warm, safe, nurturing place to be. You are safe! Whatever happens or is discussed, stays. I do not discuss clients with anyone else, unless they ask me to or give me permission to, such as with a family member.

You will be fully clothed for all treatments and sessions. I may ask you to take your shoes off. You will be made comfortable on a treatment table. I will have blankets and pillows available if needed. If at any time you are uncomfortable or need anything, please tell me. It is OK to stop a treatment at any time and resume once you are comfortable.

Once the treatment or session is complete, I will give you a few minutes to remain relaxed and slowly come back into the day. I may leave the room for a few minutes, or I may choose to sit with you quietly. After, we will discuss the session and I will answer any questions you may have.

Energy is not limited by time or space. Energy healing does not end with the session. The healing will continue until it is complete or you no longer need or want it. I am always available for questions or concerns that may come up in the days that follow. I usually check email twice a day.

Most sessions are usually 30 to 60 minutes.

Long distance sessions will be by phone or virtual platform. I try to accommodate client preference although not always possible. I follow the same method except you will be comfortable in your own space. 

My MISSION is Health

I believe health is our divine right. Every human being has the right to be and to feel healthy and well. It is my desire to bring together the knowledge I have gained through the years of experience I have in traditional western medicine with alternative and holistic approaches to health.



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Inner Peace Meditation, Embracing the Nature

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Collection of healing crystals on a gray cushion
Iceland, young woman at sunset, rear view
Smudge kit with white sage stick, abalone sea shell. Natural elements for cleansing negative energy
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Susan Duke