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Energy Healing

Energy healing, also called energy medicine is an alternative and holistic method of healing that encompasses many different techniques. It is based on the premise that everything is comprised of energy, including thoughts, feelings and emotions. Quantum physics teaches that there is no difference between energy and matter. The energy field, also known as the Divine Matrix or The Field connects all forms of matter with no boundaries at the quantum level. Everything is energy. Energy is not limited by time or space.

Energy healing is not associated with any particular belief system, religion, or ideology. Tai Chi and Qigong are forms of energy healing. Acupuncture uses the energetic pathways of the body known as meridians. Many healing techniques involve the chakras, major energy centers of the body. 

Energy healing works with the human energy field, or energy body in order to clear and release energy blockages and restore balance and harmony. Blockages can occur in the physical, emotional, mental (mind) or energy (spiritual) body, creating an imbalance, leading to feeling unwell. This feeling of being unwell can manifest in the body as a dis-ease.

Some of the benefits of energy healing include:

Help in healing physical challenges of injury and illness.

Strengthening the immune system. 

Increased energy and vitality.

Improved mental clarity.

Better sleep. 

Relief from the effects of stress, depression and anxiety. 

Relief from aches and pains. 

Better relationships.

Improved sense of well being. 

There have been reports of energy healing helping with the healing and improvement of many physical and emotional diagnoses.

There are many energy healing techniques including but not limited to:

Therapeutic Touch


Massage Therapy



Meditation and Guided Imagery

Light, Sound, and Color Therapy

Shamanic Energy Healing

Crystal Energy Healing

Acupressure and Acupuncture



Past Life Regression

Medical Intuitive

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