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My mission is health.

I believe health is our divine right. Every human being has the right to be and to feel healthy and well. It is my desire to bring together the knowledge I have gained through the years of experience I have in traditional western medicine with alternative and holistic approaches to health. 

One does not have to have a dis-ease, pain, or any symptom to feel unwell. How many times have you just “not felt right”, felt a little off, or just felt unwell but had no reason to feel that way? Perhaps the reason is not just physical. Traditional western medicine focuses on the physical body, but there is more to health than just your body. I believe health is the integration of the  physical, emotional, mental (mind), and energy (spiritual) bodies working together in balance and harmony.

Every human being is born with a perfect template, an original blueprint of health. The environment, circumstances and experiences we have throughout life lead to the choices we make that can create dis-ease within the body. Your body is always healing, always moving toward the innate health that is its natural state. Healing is the process of removing all barriers and blockages that stand between you and your health, restoring balance and harmony in order to be at your best health.

As a practicing physician for 20 years, I noticed that many of the alternative treatments were not accepted and often poo-pooed. There was so much focus on drugs and procedures that nutrition, environment, lifestyle, circumstances and experiences, as well as alternative treatments were largely ignored. Consider what was available for centuries before the advent of modern medicine and pharmaceuticals. What nature had to offer was all there was and it was, and is used very successfully. People of all cultures still rely on the old remedies that their grandmothers have passed down for generations.

Several years ago my mother passed away with a diagnosis of a dis-ease that she carried no risk factors for. I wondered about her environment and lifestyle, the experiences and circumstances she lived through and how it all affected her. This began my journey to seek greater understanding, not only about my mother but also for myself.

As part of my healing journey and spiritual awakening, I experienced many different healing techniques. My medical training and background has given me a foundation for critical thinking and scientific analysis which helps in my research. The knowledge and wisdom of ancient cultures is what I am most interested in. The plants, crystals, treatments, ceremonies, and many other tools that are offered in their healing practices are cross-cultural and outside of religion.

As an intuitive energy healer, it is my mission to help you regain and maintain your best optimum health. Healing is the process of returning to your innate health that is its natural state. Healing does not imply a cure. It takes your participation in order to heal. No one else heals you. I am a guide that helps you along to way.

Blessings and Light, 

Susan Duke

Degrees and Certifications:

2022 Certified Reiki Practitioner

Brenda and David Lappin

Reiki Masters

2022 Certified Oracle Guide

Colette Baron-Reid 

Spiritual Teacher, author, speaker

2021 Certified Crystal Energy Guide

Kyle Gray

Spiritual Teacher, author, speaker

2021 Certified Angel Guide

Kyle Gray

Spiritual Teacher, author, speaker

2016 Certified Shamanic Practitioner

The Four Winds Society, School of the Light Body

Alberto Villoldo, PhD

Shaman, author, speaker

2003 Residency

Internal Medicine

Tulsa Regional Medical Center (now OSU-COM)

Tulsa, OK

2000 Doctor of Osteopathy


Kansas City, MO

1991 Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Jonesboro, AR

1988 Licensed Practical Nurse

Ozarka Vo-Tech

Melbourne, AR

Susan Duke