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Many of the energy healing techniques focus on the energetic centers and pathways of the body. The most well known are the chakras and the meridians. Crystal and shamanic sessions usually incorporate one or more of the seven major chakras. There are many chakras associated with different areas of the body. These are energy centers which take in or release energy throughout our lives. 

Everything is energy. The experiences throughout our lives carry energy. Thoughts and emotions carry energy. Think of the phrase, “emotionally charged”. Vows, curses, even a strong belief carries energy. Energetic imprints, or stuck energy can be carried over from childhood, previous lives, or be ancestral in nature. Energy is not limited by time or space.

The seven major chakras are well known throughout most, if not all cultures, and are incorporated in many of the healing techniques. Yogic and Ayurveda traditions incorporate the chakra system. Indigenous cultures speak of the energy centers of the body and use them in many of their ceremonies, particularly Shamans and medicine men and women.

The traditional chakras are numbered one through seven and begin with the root chakra extending up the center of the body (the spine) to the crown chakra at the top of the head.

The first chakra, known at the base or root chakra, represents survival, instinct, and anything to do with security. It is located at the base of the spine. If you are sitting cross-legged on the grass, it is connecting you to the earth. It is associated with the color red, the element earth, the lower half of the body, legs, feet, base of spine and lower disks.

The second chakra, known as the sacral or second chakra, represents the ability to create, procreate and move with the flow. It is located midway between the base of the spine, or genitals, and the belly button. It is associated with the color orange, the element water, the reproductive system and sensual organs/genitals.

The third chakra, known as the solar plexus chakra, represents the capacity to focus, create and shine your inner light (bring your gifts and talents into the world). It is located just above the belly button and just below the ribs (diaphragm). Some descriptions place it at the belly button. It is associated with the color yellow, the element fire, the digestive system, main organs, middle back, and core muscles.

The fourth chakra, known as the heart chakra, represents the capacity to give and receive love. It is located at the heart center and associated with the color green, the element air, heart, upper respiratory system, chest, breasts, middle back and sternum.

The fifth chakra, known as the throat chakra, represents the capacity to communicate and express. It is located at the throat and is associated with the color blue, the element space, the throat, shoulders, upper chest, thyroid, and hormonal flow.

The sixth chakra, known as the brow or third eye chakra, represents how you see the world and also your inner vision. It is located midway between the eyebrows in the middle of your forehead. It is associated with the color indigo/deep purple, the element space, eyes, head space, and frontal lobes of the brain.

The seventh chakra, known as the crown chakra, is located at the crown of the head and represents your connection to wisdom and the Divine (God, Source, Spirit, Higher Power, The Universe, whatever you choose to call it). It is associated with the color violet/crystal clear, the element light, the crown of the head, hair, scalp, skull and brain.

Susan Duke